Mountain Biking @ Stansbury Island

Stansbury Island is a very weird place. It’s located about 30 minutes west of Salt Lake City and has an amazing mountain bike trail, but it also has random people shooting guns, salt ponds, and quarry operations. To top off the atmosphere there are free range cattle.

The mountain bike trail is phenomenal though. It starts off with a brutal climb that brings you to the level of the Bonneville shoreline. Once at that elevation, you traverse the mountainside and wind in and out of gullies and canyons.
I think the best thing about the ride was the view. The lake is surrounding you on all sides and snow-capped mountains fill the background. Even some wild flowers were showing up after all the warm weather.
We had a great ride and only one crash. I definitely look forward to riding this trail again.  I’ve got some great news that I’m going to post later this week, so check back when you get a chance.

~ by cruxphoto on April 3, 2007.

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