First Ride

As the ski season comes to an abrubt end, mt. biking season seems to kick into full gear. I got out for the first time this year on Sunday, and it was amazing. Ericka and I rode the Shorline Trail up Dry Creek Canyon and across to the bobsled. That part of the ride is amazing. High speeds, high banks, and quick reflexes are all part of the fun. I got a few photos along the way as well. Mostly the camera pack (30+lbs?) was just weight training. I have always wanted to shoot this trail in the early season while there is still snow on the Wasatch Mountains.


I think they turned out great. I’ll have to go back when the wild flowers are out.

Well, this next week should be great for pictures. Flowers are coming up all over my yard, so I’m thinking of interesting and creative ways to shoot them. AND, next weekend we’re going to be in St. George doing some climbing and more mt. biking.



~ by cruxphoto on March 19, 2007.

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