White Rim Trail in a Day, 2010

Ericka climbing out of Mineral Bottom for the first climb of the day.

Nathan, Ericka and Nate, still fresh after about 3 hrs of riding.

Looking down from the top of the Shaffer Switchbacks down onto the White Rim.

Ericka and Nathan riding down the Shaffer Switchbacks.

White Rim, near the bottom of Shaffer Switchbacks.

Riding over Musselman Arch. You're not supposed to, but we didn't see the sign. Sorry!

Musselman Arch

Looking off the White Rim

Another shot off the White Rim

Ericka enjoying the beautiful weather about 60 miles into the White Rim

A view from the top of Murphy Hogback

Ericka enjoying the last few yards of the Murphy Hogback climb.

Blooming WIldflowers

Nathan wishing he hadn't already riden 92 miles before climbing out of Potato Bottom.

Nathan giving Slickrock a try the day after White Rim in a Day

Nathan trying to convince his bike to not go back to the car.

A view of La Sal mountains from the Slick Rock trail.

104 miles, approx 12 hours car to car, approx 10 hours of ridding time.  Fun Fun Fun!

~ by cruxphoto on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “White Rim Trail in a Day, 2010”

  1. Those photos must be fake, there are no motors on those tiny motorcycles 🙂 Steve S

  2. Awesome photos! We hiked above the trail this past weekend, but it looks like it might have been worth it to get down to the trail itself. Maybe next year!

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