This week’s Adventure – Back to Butler Fork

Although I’ve been pretty busy with non-photography matters, I did venture out in the back country for a dawn patrol Monday morning.  I meant to post these photos Tuesday… but life just got in the way.  So I like Butler Fork.  It’s an easy hike in, you can get lots of vertical, I just haven’t figured out where to shoot yet.  But I look forward to trying again. 

Skiing Butler Fork at Dawn.  Copyright Nate Young and Crux Photo.

We skied a nice line through the aspen trees right at dawn.  We were gifted with inconsistent snow, and not enough speed.  So check this location off as not being a good spot.  I think there are a few other spots in the trees that are steeper, and we can look for a day were there was more fresh snow.   Our ride back to the car was great, but we had no time for shots.  It was much steeper, and deep in the pine trees.  If some morning light would make it through the trees, it could be perfect.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a black and white conversion of Twin Peaks and other surrounding mountains taken from the top of Butler Fork.

Twin Peaks from Butler Fork.  Copyright Nate Young and Crux Photo.

~ by cruxphoto on March 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “This week’s Adventure – Back to Butler Fork”

  1. I think they turned out ok for the conditions. It was a good run down at least

  2. Wonderful photographs…

  3. Thanks guys! You’re right Jon… definitely was a great run down. The last steep section in the trees was my favorite.

  4. Beautiful images Nate, the b&w conversion is amazing, great work 🙂

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