San Diego Sunset

Sarah and I spent this last weekend relaxing in San Diego.  With all the cold snowy weather in Salt Lake, it felt great to sit in the sun and feel the ocean breeze.  We had great food, watched a lot of sunsets from the beach, and went to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  Lots of photos all this week from the whole trip, but I thought I’d start out with just one, a shot from Sunset Cliffs.  We were supposed to fly out Sunday around 6pm, which means I would have missed the sunset that night.  Luckily (or unluckily), our flight was delayed till about 10:30, so we watched one more sunset before heading home.  I know I came up with a rule a while ago about shooting sunsets with film, but I decided to shoot Sundays sunset with my digital.  I had shot Saturday’s sunset with film and finished one roll, so I decided to not start another.   Although I may have gotten even more amazing color with digital, I was extremely impressed with the results I got.  I did very little post processing.  I increased the color saturation during raw conversion (which I do for almost all my digital shots), but did no processing with photoshop.


Sunset Cliffs near San Diego.  Copyright Nate Young and Crux Photo.

~ by cruxphoto on February 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “San Diego Sunset”

  1. Sunset Cliffs was my ultimate all-time favorite spot when I live in OB (ocean beach to all you non-obecians). I miss the wonderful colors, the ocean, the salt air…..
    you’ve captured sunset cliffs wonderfully….did you get any shots of the oranges and browns of the cliffs? i’d love to see them!! post more please!

  2. Thanks Julia. Check in later this week for more image. I should have a few more later this week.

    It was absolutely beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous Nate…


  4. Wow – spectacular sunset. Thanks for sharing the photo with us


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