B&W Snowboarding Conversion

So I’ve seen some great B&W skiing and snowboarding imagery, so I decided to do a conversion of an image from last weekend.  It was an image that I originally wasn’t the biggest fan of because the snowboarder had just gone into a shadow, but when I converted it to B&W and lowered the contrast to bring out more shadow details, I found the image to be really appealing.

 I hope to have great images after this weekend.  I’m going to Snowmass to meet my family for a vacation for a weekend.  I plan to checking out the Maroon Bells as well as a detour through Southern Utah on the way home.  I’ll probably shoot a lot of film, so it may take a while to get the image ups, but lets just hope the weather cooperates.


Snowboarding into the White Pine Basin in Utah.  Copyright Nate Young and Crux Photo.

~ by cruxphoto on January 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “B&W Snowboarding Conversion”

  1. Nice job Nate, very cool.


  2. I love the conversion Nate adds a neat element to your image 🙂

  3. I like the details as the snowboarder kicks up a snow storm. Good luck over the weekend 🙂

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