Fall in the Adirondacks

Sarah and I just got back from a great long weekend in the Adirondacks of upstate New York.  We spent 3 days with family, and then 2 days in Montreal for ourselves.  Although I wish we were there a weekend or so later, the leaves in the higher mountain areas were really starting to change, and it was definitely beautiful. 

Adirondacks Sunset.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

We arrived outside of Essex, NY just a few minutes before sunset.  Although the clouds did a good job covering most of the sun, we still enjoyed a few colors and a nice view of the mountains.  The weather forecast didn’t look great for our visit, a lot of rain and clouds, so we decided the next best thing would be to sleep. 

The next day turned out to be just that, a very lazy sleepy day.  We got out for a short hike when the weather cleared, but nothing too photo worthy.  I decided that I needed to get out in the evening to take some photos.  I had seen a few rivers that I felt would be worth checking out, so I headed into an approaching storm to set up a few photos. 

Adirondacks in the Fall.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

As the storm go closer, so did the lightning.  I was hoping for that perfect shot of the flowing water, the changing leaves and a lightning bolt in the background.  All I got were a few flashes, but no bolt.  Either way, the photo still turned out pretty nice with the dark storm clouds in the background.

The Bouquet River in the Adirondacks.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

Given the inaccurate weather forecast for the previous day, we decided the next day would be a full day of hiking and taking pictures. We woke up early and headed into the heart of the Adirondacks to find some fall leaves.  So with out too much yapping:

Deer Brook in the Adirondacks.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

Deer Brook in the Adirondacks.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

A Fall River in the Adirondacks.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

Once again, that evening brought in the storm clouds, so I thought I’d try to capture just how dark they were.  Just up the hill from where we were staying in Essex there is an amazing view of the Adirondacks, so you’ll probably recognize this image, being that it’s similar to the first one I posted.

A Stormy Evening in the Adirondacks.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

The morning before we headed up to Montreal, I got up really early to get the sunrise.  The clouds were very unique that morning, with the sky being perfectly clear, but thick clouds filled the eastern horizon.  This wasn’t great for getting the sun as it popped over the mountains of Vermont, but did create an interesting sunrise, especially as early sailors graced Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain Sunrise.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

Lake Champlain Sunrise.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

At last we headed off to Montreal.  This part was more about having lots of fun in the city than photos, but we did get out to go climbing one morning.  We went to Val-David, which is about 80km north of Montreal.  The climbing and scenery were beautiful, but it was $10 a person to access the small bouldering and climbing area, and it was COLD!  So we climbed what we could (it was granite, and neither Sarah or I are good at climbing on granite), and tried to get some photos.  It was mostly unsuccessful, except for this image.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out. Even in the view finder was not totally impressed.  But once I got it on my computer it worked out well.

Sarah Young Bouldering at Val-David near Montreal.  Copyright Nate Young Crux Photo.

~ by cruxphoto on October 2, 2007.

11 Responses to “Fall in the Adirondacks”

  1. Nate these are breathtaking!

  2. Wonderful work as usual Nate. Did you shoot in Montreal?

  3. Unfortunately I did not shoot in Montreal. Since we weren’t there for very long, and we wanted to have fun, I decided to leave the camera in the hotel room. If we had more time, I would have spent an afternoon shooting around the city.

  4. I don’t blame you, a great city to have fun in.

  5. Great images Nate, love the flowing water shots with the color in the leafs. Great work.

  6. Absolutely amazing photography! Great work!

  7. Really, really amazing. Can’t think of anything specific to say, I’m too much in awe (and thinking longingly about making a fall trip back east sometime soon). The best thing I can say is that these images perfectly capture the beauty of the region.

  8. Wow! I am from Essex and miss it everyday. Growing up there you see alot of nature photos of the area, but I have to say youra are the best fall shots I have ever seen. They put me right back there. Great work!

  9. Thanks Kate! It is a very beautiful area and I love visiting in the fall. It’s great to be able to give you that feeling!

  10. […] I thought that I’d post some older photos.  I did a trip report about spending some time in upstate New York, and I wanted to post a few more images from that trip to Essex.  I also played around with […]

  11. Those pictures are beautiful!!!

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