Assignment Photography

tireOne thing that I have grown to love is assignment photography.  Most of the work I do is stock or magazine/catalog work where I spend the season capturing images that I think may meet someones requirements for a certain ad or magazine article.  Obviously this is difficult and a lot of times leads to a lot of good images that people can’t use.  Recently I was asked to shoot some mountain bike images that had an artsy feel to them.  They wanted images of the equipment and different parts of the bike.  I definitely enjoyed the challenge, as well as the direction.  I was still  able to use my imagination, but I had an end goal that I needed to meet.  I wanted to share a few of these images that I got last weekend during this shoot.  Hopefully the images will work out and we’ll see them in print this summer.  Enjoy!


~ by cruxphoto on May 18, 2007.

7 Responses to “Assignment Photography”

  1. These have a great mood!

  2. I need a better monitor to properly view these, I think, but from what I can tell I really like the feel, particularly the tire one. The light from underneath on the tread is very cool.

  3. The images are supposed to be dark and only highly very small areas. Although, I do have to admit they look better on a Mac. Mac’s tend to be brighter, and that’s where I processed the digital images.

  4. Great close up, cool lighting!

  5. Nice lighting

  6. Thanks,
    It’s natural light through a window. I set up a way to hang my bike and wheels above the window. Definitely a fun project!

  7. geR419 hi great site thx

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