Photo Shoot Near Grandeur Peak

Sarah YoungLast night I did a photo shoot for Gear for Girls, a gear shop in the UK that specializes in clothing and equipment for women in the outdoors.  I’ve worked with Alison a few times in the past, so I was excited to get some photos for her.  She needed trail running images, and with the blue sky we had last night, along with all the yellow flowers that are blooming, I knew it would be a good evening to shoot. 

I convinced my beautiful wife to gear up and deal with me trying to get the perfect shot.  She was a great model and even smiled till the very end.  I definitely need to thank her for that help.  I think the shoot went really well. I didn’t get all the images I wanted because of the location, but the images we got were really nice.  Feed back from Alison has been positive as well.  She’s looking for border images, so I cropped them down to the right size and wanted to share a few with you.




But last night as a bonus night.  Not only did I get some good images for my assignment, but I had a chance to take some stock photos of the flowers.  The light was perfect to get some close ups of the wildflowers.  I haven’t looked up the name of these flowers, but if you know it, please leave a comment.  One thing that came in handy for these shots was the image stabilization (IS) option on my Canon 100-400mm lens.  I shot a lot of these images at 400mm, and with the flowersevening sun (although it was hazy on the horizon) I was shooting with shutter speeds at or below 1/400 sec.  Having the IS helped me keep some very clear and sharp images.  I took a few with and without the option, so I’ll try to remember to post a close up and see how big of a difference there is.  I know there is a lot of information out on the web that talks about the pros and cons of the IS system.  I haven’t used it very much so far because many of my subjects are moving fast and I need the shutter speed to be really high.  But as I do more and more nature photography, the IS feature has become more valuable.  So I’ll finish off with another flower image, and a neat photo of my black dog in the yellow flowers.  Black dogs are hard to take pictures of.  Any advice out there? Does black and white flim do a better job of capturing the details? Thanks for checking out my pictures. 


~ by cruxphoto on May 15, 2007.

10 Responses to “Photo Shoot Near Grandeur Peak”

  1. Your wife is a trooper! Great shots!

  2. The blue and yellow is always a good combination. Maybe we could get better pictures of Tux in real soft light.

  3. She really is! Thanks. The yellow alone was so pretty, and then you add the blue from the sky. I should have taken more photos of the yellow flowers with the blue in the background. Next time, right?

  4. Lucky to have such a terrific model! Love your work and enjoyed looking around your blog. Thanks, Anita

  5. Really enjoyed looking at your sport photography. I used to climb back in highschool, and your pictures bring back some great memories. I like your use of wide angle perspectives…something I’d like to do more of when I’m shooting.

  6. Thanks Pixel Chix. I love my fisheye lens. It’s even more fun when I shoot film because I get the full frame. I think the wide angle definitely has it’s place, I just have to make sure I don’t over use it.

  7. I love the third one of her feet and legs with the hill in the background. Fabulous composition!

    You got some really nice shots… 🙂

  8. These look like they should be in a Nike ad…well done.

  9. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

  10. Thanks Naisioxerloro. All the photos were taken and set up by me. The clothing is mostly EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) gear. If you are commenting on the blog theme, there is a link to the creator at the bottom of each page, Bryan Veloso.

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