Summer Climbing…in May?

This weekend was a beautiful weekend.  Felt more like summer than early May, but that meant we played like it was summer.  Highs in the 90’s sent us down to Maple Canyon for a day trip, this time joined by Cheryl and Mike.  We spent most of the day at the Low Standard Cave.  There are a few good warm ups, and then a couple long vertical routes.  16 draws! My endurance definitely got a work out.  Once we were solidly pumped, Cheryl and I got on Welcome to Fitness, a super steep 5.13b.  The moves are really fun, and kind of wild in how steep they are.  The only down side is it has a lot of fixed or manufactured holds on it.  Maple isn’t known for it’s solid rock, and a lot of times they have to glue things back on in order to keep the route as it was originally done.  Either way, we had fun crawling the roof of the Low Standard Cave.
The last goal of the day was to check out Captain Bullet, one of Maples amazing road side climbs. You can almost belay from the car. But first, a picture of my awsome dog. He’s turned out to be a perfect crag dog.  Gotta love mutts!
After a few burns on Captain Bullet, I was definitely toast. I could do all the moves, but putting them together, especially the crux moves, was extremely difficult. I’ll definitely get on it again, but I need to get better power endurance to have a chance.
One thing I love about shooting photos in maple is the contrast between the very green leaves and the golden brown and black walls. I love photos taken through the out of focus leaves of climbers on a distant wall. Enjoy!

~ by cruxphoto on May 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Summer Climbing…in May?”

  1. The apens there were so green. Nate you did a good job capturing that!

  2. The apens there were so green. Nate you did a good job capturing that!

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