Massacre Rocks Rocks!

This weekend’s trip up to Massacre Rocks, ID was a great trip. It had it’s highs and lows, but mostly highs.  We left late Saturday morning on the 3hr drive from SLC to Idaho in cloudy and rainy weather.  The forecast said it was supposed to clear by mid day so we took the gamble and planned on climbing in the afternoon.  I think the low point of the trip was when it started snowing.  Yes,  snowing.  For a good 30 minutes, I was probably the least favorite person in the car.  Lucky for me, about 20 minutes away from the climbing area, the rain stopped and blue sky appeared in the distance. 
Massacre Rocks is a series of basalt cliffs along the Snake River.  Most of the climbing is sport, with a few trad lines mixed in.  The climbing is very unique.  It’s not as straight forward as you’d expect and takes a lot of thought.  The easy routes tend to feel hard because of this.  The bottom line is the climbing is really good.  There’s climbing for everyone, from easy to hard, short to long, and sunny to shady.
I think the best climb of the weekend was a 5.11a called Everybody and Their Dog. It climbed up a detached pillar, and the crux section involved palming and heal hooking between two smooth aretes. The feet were marginal smears at best. It was a full body workout with pulling, squeezing and pushing with both legs and feet. So give Ericka a round of applause for conquering this route.

Otherwise, we hung out around a campfire under the stars and drank a lot of beer.

~ by cruxphoto on May 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Massacre Rocks Rocks!”

  1. This is a sweet pic of Ericka. She really was very brave to lead this one! I was way impressed as slapping smooth aretes is definitely not my thing!

  2. Pretty sure I’d LOVE the first, landscape-y shot if I could see it bigger….the climber’s kind of lost in this small view. But looks awesome. I like the shot of E, too–only complaint would be that the belayer’s jacket draws too much attention.

  3. The climber in the first one definitely gets lost in the image. Most of that is due to wearing brown pants and a white shirt. I’ll try to put together a larger image for you. What you wear is definitely key in getting a good image. Ericka’s shirt is a great color for this brown rock. Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

  4. all I can say is…SQUEEZE. I like how you can see the flat hand on the right…

    I agree with the comments on the landscape pic. also it would have been great to somehow get the river in a background…somehow minus the highway, probably not possible.

  5. Nate, I saw your post on firefly’s site… the flower is a Narcissis (Daffodil)… there are many flowers that have the red tipped cup in the center, all with various names… often ‘fire’ related… very beautiful variety of daffodils… Just wanted to share.

  6. Thanks Insanknitty, I appreciate that info.

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