SLCA Fund Raiser Comp

Last night, The Front and the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance put on a competition and party to raise money for anchor replacement, trail maintenance and general climbing area restoration.  It was definitely a good cause and a lot of great people showed up.  I once again photographed the climbing competition and those photos should be available on The Front’s web-page soon.  I meant to post a few here, which I will probably try doing later tonight, but I forgot to bring the images to work with me to upload.  Sorry!

 This weekend, if the weather holds off, should be fun.  We’re climbing at an area call Massacre Rocks in Idaho.  Not sure the story behind the name, but if anyone knows, it’s be great to hear from you.

~ by cruxphoto on May 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “SLCA Fund Raiser Comp”

  1. Thanks for taking photos at the comp. (I followed the link.) Scrolling down, you have some really nice photos, including flora, Maple, the Cave, etc.

  2. No problem. I always have a great time shooting the comps at the Front. It was even better this time since it was for the SLCA.

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