Cragging in Maple

Not much to say on this post. I just wanted to post a few photos from climbing in Maple Canyon this weekend. I spent most of it climbing, but took some time to shoot two of the longer climbs with Jessica Taverna and Ericka Prechtel. Fun routes!
Jessica Taverna on a new route, 5.10+.
Ericka Prechtel on Taking the Bullet, 5.11a.
Ericka Prechtel on Taking the Bullet, 5.11a.

~ by cruxphoto on April 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Cragging in Maple”

  1. Last photo is impressing!!

  2. Really like the shadow one, but possibly a little too much shadow in the lower part? Can’t decide… The other one of Ericka is good–right amount of contrast between the blurred background and sharp focus on her.

  3. Thanks!

    One thing I really like about the first shot of Ericka is the water. It was sort of a surprise when I started looking through the images. Although the stream was very small, the image gives the impression of a lot more water and that the cliff rises out of it.

  4. nice photos! Can’t wait to climb more and take more pics.

  5. the shadow picture is different and stands out more. it definitely adds variety and shows that you have a wide range of skills…good work with showing detail in such a detail rich environment…if that makes sense…

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