A Success

Bottom line, the trip down to St. George was a success. I got a lot of photography in, as well as everyone having fun. Sarah and Morgan had a great 10k race in Snow Canyon, we all got a lot of good climbing in, and the mountain biking on Sunday was phenomenal.

There was only one bad part of the weekend. We spent some time climbing and shooting in the cave at the Turtle Wall. The routes were amazing, and the shape of the cave was very inspiring. As I finished shooting the last climb in the cave that we did, I looked up and saw the photos that I had missed. Going into the day I had a mentality of getting close up shots from above. This was working out great and I seemed to be getting good images. As Portia finished the last climb, I finally noticed that the scenary around the top of the climb was amazing. I was so focused in getting the shots I had set out for, that I missed the real beauty of the area. Portia promised to go back in the future, so I’ll have to hold her to it. Another lesson learned, keep the blinders off and think outside the box. It’s sound cliche, but if you think about it every time you go out and shoot, I think you’ll come back with more creative and attractive images.

Regardless of my loss, I think I got some great images and here are a few I’d like to share, including a self portrait of myself climbing in Snow Canyon.

Myself in Snow Canyon.
Portia at the Chuckawalla Wall.
Ebbe riding Gooseberry Mesa.

~ by cruxphoto on March 26, 2007.

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