Almost the Same Old Story

As I sat on an apposing ridge-line, I started imagining what I would write about in my next entry. I literally thought about copying the text in the “I Was Robbed” post and replacing snowboarding with climbing. That was until a rock hit my head.

So it’s been warm here in SLC. Very warm. It’s supposed to hit 70 this weekend, and the snow is melting fast. It looks like this photographer needs to move on to climbing and mt. biking. So we went up to an area called the Reef. It’s a neat limestone crag on Grandeur Peak. I wanted to shoot a long 5.9 sport climb, and try to get Mt. Olympus in the background. There were blue skies all day while I sat at work. Perfect! As soon as I left work, the hazy clouds started moving in, taking my sun away. So as you can imagine, the shots didn’t come out like I hoped. Not only were the colors dull because there was no sun, but the images weren’t crisp because I had to use a slower shutter speed while still using a fairly powerful zoom.


So I hiked back to the climb, and tried one other angle. Ericka was the last one to climb, and as she neared the top, the good old sun poked its head through the clouds for about a minute. I was at an angle that I didn’t expect to look that good, but with the fisheye lens (I love the fisheye!) it worked out great. reef1.JPG

Then a rock hit my head. Well, not right when I was taking the picture, but as we were packing up our bags. Luckily I had my arms over my head, so the load was shared by my left arm and my skull. Fun eh?
So that’s my almost the same story. Today I’ll be shooting photos of the Front’s St. Patrick Day Comp. If you’re in SLC, you should come check it out. It starts at 2pm. I’ll try to post a few pics from it tomorrow.

~ by cruxphoto on March 17, 2007.

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