I Was Robbed!

Sully and I went out for a full day of backcountry action. We started by taking a sled over Gaurdsman Pass and seeing what was back there. We unfortuntately did not beat the avy control road closure, which delayed our ability to get the good lines. There’s one area that we will definitely get back too, before everyone else. We did find some good lines and nice cliffs.
The best part of the morning for me was getting the sled stuck. I’m not so talented at the snowmobiling in powder skill. I promise I’ll eithr get better or take funny pictures of me getting stuck.

The next part of the day was probably the best; fish tacos, beer, and sleeping. We grabbed some food from Lone Star Burrito and headed over to Sully’s to hang out before going up Little Cottonwood Canyon. The plan was to get some sunset shots coming down Grizzly Gultch. We woke back up at 4pm and headed up the canyon. It was great wizzing past the line of cars trying to get down the canyon. As much as not being stuck in traffic cheered me up, the cloud settling into Little definitley put a damper on my day. We decided to hike anyway, mainly just to get some more turns and excersize. We were in for a great surprise. The sun was going to come back out and we knew it when we got about half way up. Mt. Superior was covered in a cloud, but under that, light could shine through. We got to the top, found the perfect place to get the best shot of the year and waited for the sun to come out from under the cloud………

and waited…..

and waited….

By now we’re both pretty cold. And we start to notice that Patsy Marley had beautiful light on it. I was ROBBED of my photo. I should have had amazing light, but all I got was shade. Well, next time I know where the sun is hitting and at what time. We’ll get the shot. And next time, Jeff will come with us too. Right Jeff? We did get to see an amazing sunset though!


~ by cruxphoto on March 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “I Was Robbed!”

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I look forward to reading more.

  2. […] those of you who have read my adventures for a while, you’ll remember a posting involving a photographic robbery.  Well, I must have paid my dues to whoever, because today turned out much […]

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